Why should your company be present on Social Networks?

Why should your company be present on Social Networks?

Despite the fact that more and more companies are present on the different social networks, many are reluctant to make the leap to digital transformation. It is undeniable that we are increasingly exposed to social media, that there is not a day that we do not invest time in it, and that its influence is increasing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, it is hard to believe that there are still people who think that “this social media thing is useless.”

Before starting, we must be clear that managing social networks requires prior planning for any business action. Many companies underestimate its importance. They create accounts in the different social networks entrusting their management to anyone without knowledge in the matter, and they begin to share content randomly and aimlessly, believing that it will be enough. After a short time, as is to be expected, they end up abandoning them without having obtained any benefit. Therefore, creating a Social Media Plan and having professionals such as Community Managers or Social Media Planners is essential. Otherwise, it is a waste of resources.

What is undoubted is that social networks have great potential, in addition to offering great opportunities to companies. One of its main features, and perhaps key to its success, is the communication. Until now, the traditional media launched a message in order to persuade users, the latter being mere recipients of the information. But this form of one-way communication is becoming less common because consumers do not want to listen to a monologue, but rather to feel involved and heard.

Benefits of social media

Active listening

Social networks allow us to maintain a continuous, simple, and effective conversation with our target audience, which helps to generate a greater bond with them. It is important to actively listen to what is said about the brand on social networks, analyze what content generates more interaction, and know what time the most active users are, or “spy” on your competitors. If all this information is well tracked, it is very useful for making decisions about the digital marketing strategy and, therefore, to improve our future actions.

Customer Support

 In relation to the above, it is also a great customer service channel, allowing users to raise their doubts, request information, or even make new suggestions, although there are also users who use social networks to express their complaints. Although a prior is negative, the latter is not always harmful, since many times a complaint or negative comment well managed and solved in time can play in our favor by improving our image or even encouraging the desire to buy.


At the same time, it is a perfect medium to improve branding. For this, it is necessary to take care of all the content that is dumped: logo, images, tone, and wording … If the company is present on different platforms, it is very important that they all follow the same common thread and are a clear reflection of the values ​​and personality Of the brand. At the end of the day, the Community Manager is the company’s voice and in charge of taking care of the final image that users perceive online.

Web traffic

The increase in web traffic is another of the benefits offered by social networks. From the different profiles, users can be redirected to the corporate website, increasing the visits and, thus, the chances of them knowing better each company’s services/products.


The advertising through social networks is another advantage to consider. Compared to traditional advertising media, it is very low cost and has a wide reach. It also allows you to segment your audience with great rigor, transmitting your message to a very limited audience, thus increasing the probability of offering advertising to people who may really be interested in your brand.

What is clear is that social networks provide countless advantages. Nowadays, any company that does not have a good Social Media plan should add it to its “pending actions” list. On the other hand, remember that social networks are not used to sell or harass users with information, but must be a means of connection to better know our audience, and vice versa. And, of course, emphasize the importance of creating, before doing anything, a Social Media plan.

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