What Does Social Media Marketing Mean?

What does Social Media Marketing mean?

Social media marketing is a very strong means of communication, available to businesses and organizations of all sizes to regularly connect with customers or potential customers/users.

So, Marketers and digital marketing professionals create corporate Facebook pages and accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other major social networks for this purpose.

But few of them have clear goals and strategies for using this marketing technique, or a deep understanding of how these digital media channels interact with consumers to raise awareness of the Christmas tree, sales, and profits, and to generate fidelity.

Understanding exactly what social media marketing is, how it works, how much is needed in terms of time, human resources and budget, is a fundamental premise for those who want to do Social Network marketing effectively. So, let’s clarify certain aspects, starting with an exhaustive definition of social media marketing.

What does Social media marketing mean: definition

Social media marketing or SMM (also known as social network marketing and social web marketing) is a form of internet marketing that uses the ability of social media channels and web applications (Apps) to generate interaction (engagement) and distribution (social shearing) to increase the visibility and awareness of a brand.

This includes activities such as promoting/selling certain goods and services or the brand itself (personal branding), generating new business contacts (potential customers) and increasing traffic to a brand’s website.

How does it work?

Companies and organizations create (or connect) to “community networks” that share the company’s interests and values ​​on social networks. These values ​​are offered in the form of relevant content in various formats (text, images, videos, etc.) capable of generating discussions about and with the company on specific topics.

If used correctly, this content distributed on social networks can produce loyalty and social media advocacy. Customers/users, through their input (likes, comments, shares), involve other people (friends, fans, followers) in discussions, creating the possibility that a fraction of them become in turn, followers/fans of the company/organization.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Once we understand what social media marketing means, let’s see what benefits it can bring:

  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Increasing customer loyalty (brand loyalty)
  • Improving customer service
  • Increase the number of potential customers
  • Increase web traffic to the activity’s website or blog
  • Improving the ranking of the site on search engines
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Connecting and developing interactive relationships with the target audience
  • Developing a reputation as an expert or leader in the field of activity (brand authority)

Why invest in social media advertising?

Reduced costs: creating profiles on social networks is free, as well as creating and managing your social networks, social networking campaigns.

An increased ROI (return on investment): The ROI generated by social media advertising is the largest of paid advertising. Social ads are also a type of advertising that allows a high degree of personalization: they will be displayed only to users who are really interested in the products/services promoted by the advertiser.

High conversion rate (CR): more than 51% of social media marketers say that developing customer relationships has a positive impact on sales results.

Improving Customer Insights: Unlike content shared through private channels, such as emails, tools, and instant messaging applications, which are therefore difficult to measure, various social media marketing tools allow high accuracy of business activities. monitoring the various social profiles of the company.

From analyzing the many data collected (Insights) through tools such as Google Analytics, you can get important information about the “feeling” of the brand, as well as the demographic composition, interests, behaviors, and needs of customers.

The importance of social media marketing

Why is social media marketing important? Social networks have become a virtual meeting place for people, where:

  • they exchange ideas on the most disparate topics
  • read reviews about the products and services they want to buy
  • look for information about places they want to go, such as restaurants or hotels.

In the past, when these social platforms did not exist, this exchange of information between people took place in bars or other spaces of social aggregation. Today, on the other hand, people spend more time on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn, and these applications become the “meeting” place.

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