Steps to perform a correct SEO Analysis of the Competition

Steps to perform a correct SEO Analysis of the Competitor

Competitor analysis is vital to the success of your project. Any business that we decide to undertake requires it. It is impossible, or perhaps I should say, “not recommended” to invest without being certain of the benefits and risks involved.

Those who have been carrying out projects and earning money from the internet for a long time are aware of this important step when starting or addressing a market niche. But before starting with this guide that explains step by step what we must do to carry out an analysis of the competition on the internet, let’s first define some basic concepts.

What is a competitive analysis?

The competition analysis is the study to be carried out before choosing the niche or the sector that we are going to work with. It is the evaluation made to our main competitors in the market.

Why is conducting a competitor survey so important?

Its importance lies in the success of the project. Our main competitors have already carried out a preliminary market analysis work, which can simplify our work and that we can also replicate and improve in order to overcome them.

Competitor analysis is part of the backbone of SEO on a website

If we talk about a project on the internet, the analysis of the competition has even more value, since it is essential to improve the SEO of our new website and thus it starts better located in the SERPs of search engines.

How to carry out a detailed study of a competitor’s website?

I believe that a detailed study should take care of each aspect that makes a website successful at the SEO level. I also understand that being at this point; you must have a minimal notion of what SEO is.

What are the points that we must take into account for the analysis?

For our study, we are based on three fundamental and relevant points for SEO web positioning. These are:

1. Web architecture

2. Content

3. Link Building, inbound links, and internal links

How to recognize your main competitors online?

Performing this action is very simple. You put the main keyword of your niche in Google, and the potential and main competitors will appear in the search results.

You can focus your attention on the results that appear on the first and second pages, these may be the most relevant to your study.

The main keyword of your niche is the one that covers your entire market, in this particular; we will take the niche of running shoes in order to create a store dedicated to the exclusive sale of these shoes.

Competitor domain analysis, web architecture

In principle, we can enter and navigate the competitor’s website and collect data from the visible aspects of that website.

What could this visible data be?

  • The way the content is presented;
  • where the links on your home page point;
  • if there are images on the home page and if they lead to a specific place;
  • the layout of the home page (if it is full width, or if it has a sidebar and where these links point).
  • What does the tree view of the SEO Serpstat tool offer us?

All the structure and distribution of the content of a website that search engines consider relevant and for which they are ranking in the SERPs. When going URL by URL, we analyze the content of the web page.

It is of great help when we need a quick analysis of a website’s content and links architecture. With which, it is ideal for the analysis of our main competitors.

Analysis of the content of our competitors

The content of a website is essential to climb positions in the different search engines, and it is the reason why users visit your website.

In informational niches, content plays the main role, so when starting a new publication or a website that deals with a specific topic, the ideal would be to know what our competitors are doing.

I will take a niche of this style to evaluate it and thus know what the words for which it is ranking are and what we can use in our text. For this, I will use the Ahrefs and Serpstat tool.

Competitor link profile

The link building has to climb positions in the ranking of Google; the more quality links are pointing to our website will be our best chance to storm the top spots in SERPs for a particular keyword.

Our competition, which already occupies the first page on Google, has a link building strategy that has been carried out, and that has paid off.

At present, we can analyze a website and thereby know this link profile to replicate and improve it on our website. Let’s analyze our competition’s inbound links using Ahrefs.

How to obtain data from the SEM strategy of our competition?

We must remember that some niches require the use of advertising campaigns to achieve their objectives, and the success of them will depend a lot on the analysis prior to the creation of the campaign.


Competitor analysis is the cornerstone for a project. This study is where you can support yourself in taking firm steps and ensuring that the web project is successful.

We review point by point what we have done in our study of the competition:

  • Define the main competitors, searching them on Google for the main keyword in our sector.
  • Evaluate the content architecture of your website.
  • Extract the keywords of interest and relevant so that Google takes them into account.
  • Please review the link profile of competitors and replicate them to our project.
  • Carry out a study of the ad campaigns that our competitors are carrying out.

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