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How does Social Media help Local Businesses?

Social networks have great potential for local businesses, making a brand much more attractive to users. In addition, they offer other advantages such as making products and services known and reaching that population that does not know them, through location, in order to sell more.

Many local business owners believe that having a physical store does not need to be online or active on social media, but they are wrong.

In fact, increasingly, one of the reasons many physical businesses are forced to close their doors is because they are not on the Internet.

Social networks are an excellent opportunity to reach the younger audience, attract new customers, and increase your business’s profitability.

However, all businesses do not have to be on the same social networks, and you have to know how to be in them.

Do not think that just by having a presence on social networks, your sales will skyrocket, and the flow of customers to your business will be constant.

For local businesses, what are the advantages of social media?

Social networks offer all companies something that small local businesses bring as standard: proximity.

The big brands know it and take advantage of it. And local businesses should also do it since; after all, the presence in social networks is nothing more than putting something in new channels that is innate to them.

Social networks do not function so much to specifically sell, as to assist in the decision to buy. They serve to create an online community around your brand, essentially being a recommendation channel.

Social media benefits your business in two essential ways:

  • You maintain a good reputation and retain current users who know your business and value it positively.
  • You increase the online community on your social networks to win potential customers who are new brand advocates.

Being on social networks will increase your business’s visibility enormously if you are constant with your publications, strive to create original and quality content that sets you apart from the competition, and try to attract new followers.

Social networks bring your local business closer to the public, offering them the opportunity to get to know it, obtain information and comment on it, as well as access opinions from other clients.

In addition, social networks help you reach the youngest public, who are very used to knowing businesses on the Internet and who do not hesitate to buy online.

Social networks are your best ally when it comes to keeping your customers satisfied since they allow you to retain them by reaching them through a series of original and dynamic content that can rarely be given outside of social networks.

Social networks make it easy for you to know the tastes of your clientele. You can see the interactions with each publication, the comments you have received, suggestions, etc. This will be of great help to you to carry out advertising campaigns that are profitable and effective.

Social networks allow you to differentiate yourself from the rest. You must make your profiles on social networks, something of your own, and exclusive that represents your brand and your customers’ feeling identified.

What does each of the social networks offer to my local business?

The right social media platform can help you get more customers right to your door, but which one will work best for your strategy?


Facebook is the most widespread social network, with the largest audience and the longest time of use in relation to user/day. To reach your local business audience on Facebook, you have to segment your posts and ads well. The results are very good with a small investment. You can find local businesses and current events with the Facebook search function. This is great for businesses that expect tourists and locals to stop at their business (restaurants, hairdressers, shops).


Twitter, although it has stalled lately, is still important in certain sectors to achieve visibility. For example, in gastronomy, travel, media, restaurants, technology, fashion, etc. Twitter is the social network of news of “the latest.” And a good channel to connect with other local businesses, clients, or journalists.


LinkedIn is the social network for networking par excellence. Interesting professional links are created, and it serves to communicate the most important actions of your business and the current news of your blog in different professional groups. Having an active profile on LinkedIn can influence the amount of traffic you receive in your business and its credibility. Establishing yourself as a local expert in your sector will make both clients and other professionals trust you and your products.


Instagram facilitates a key visual impact on a brand’s communication while promoting a community’s creation and development. It is a very useful social network for creating and making events visible. Instagram belongs to Facebook, so that you can create your ads from the Facebook ad manager. If you have a Facebook page and your target audience is on Instagram, you can incorporate this platform to more easily reach your goal.


YouTube allows you to bring traffic to your premises if your local business knows how to make good videos and communicate properly through multimedia content. You can tag videos with your location and include keywords relevant to your brand. And create playlists for your geographic area or with complimentary videos about your sector.


Pinterest is a huge bulletin board of what the business is what it offers, and how it offers it. A real treasure trove for local businesses related to crafts, decoration, fashion, gastronomy, and travel.

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