Advantages of using Social Networks

Advantages of using Social Networks for your Company

The benefits of using social networks for your company, in addition to being many, are simple to implement and have great advantages. Sometimes we think that social networks are a leisure complement for people, and this is only one of the options they provide.

Benefits of social networks for your company

To further analyze the advantages of using social networks for your company, we present the fundamental benefits with which you can grow and improve your business for your audience.


The first priority and fundamental is that you can create a brand. Beyond buying or not, let them know that you exist. According to data social network users (more than 19 million) are fans of or follow specific brands. Therefore we are talking about a fundamental element to create branding.


Thanks to social networks, you will be able to promote and spread your business accurately. With these figures, the diffusion you can make of your business is immense. In addition, it is an excellent, healthy, and reliable way to generate traffic to your website if they found you through your social profiles.


It is indisputable that the online world if it has a particular advantage is its speed. As a company, you can instantly publish news and offers related to what you offer. And this same speed and instantaneity translate into your customers’ reactions to what you post. It is not necessary to wait for the next day since they could buy it online.


The first thing a potential client can do today is look for you on Social Networks. In fact, many of them could access your website even through this route. It is not that it is the number 1 reason, but of course, it is very important in terms of the external image. A company that does not have social networks transmits that it cares very little about its customers (or that it is not adapted to the times in which we live).


Of the 23 million users that connect to the Internet, more than 90% do so through mobile phones. Therefore, the reach is extraordinary wherever our client is. No longer will you have to wait to be shocked on the marquees or on the TV at home. You can reach them directly wherever they are, and it is one of the most obvious advantages of using social networks for your company.


Create a community to which you can even send certain offers. In this way, by launching promotions only on your social profiles, you will need the customer to be aware of your online identity. Not only will you have that community, but they will feel special by having product or service options that they otherwise would not have. Another way to create value with your online brand.


One of the great unknowns when we want to reach customers is to know how many, in what way, and how they react. Social networks are a fantastic thermometer when it comes to measuring our social impacts, whether in concrete actions or interacting with them. Measuring is the key to making our investments profitable, either in economic terms or in time. Which offer works best? What is the post that creates more expectation and more likes on Facebook? What news of my company do you follow with the most attention on Twitter? You will know instantly.


Your profile will always be open so that anyone, whatever time it is, can contact you. Maybe your target in a certain country is at dawn, but they share your latest successful publication in another time zone. You will always be there for them, to have complete omnipresence when that zero moments of truth occurs.


It has never been easier to be in constant communication with customers. Know their concerns and, why not, their congratulations on a certain service or product. They convey that the brand is close to them and that communication really exists because they can contact you immediately at any time of the day and knowing that you read them.


The last of the advantages of using social networks for your company has to do with trust. Your business may be excellent in terms of the work offered and the treatment of clients. However, someone who is going to meet you and does not know how do you convey it to them? With profiles on social networks, you increase the trust of your potential clients. They see that you live the present online, and if they have something to tell you or need information, they can find it in your profiles.

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